KS3 Curriculum Overview

‘For every student, regardless of background or circumstance, to achieve the grades and develop the qualities which will open the door to the future of their choice.’

Laurus Trust schools provide an excellent and rounded education for all their students, regardless of their individual backgrounds, preparing them well for their future careers.

Our curriculum ensures that every student recognises what it takes to succeed, sets aspirational goals and works hard to achieve them with the support of a highly qualified and dedicated team of education professionals. It is shaped by the students as it responds to their individual needs and is underpinned by the Cornerstones of the Laurus TrustAcademic Aspiration, Leadership and Service, Competition and Physical Endeavour and Culture, Creativity and Rhetoric.

Our approach to the curriculum also complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2014. For further information on how we ensure the curriculum is accessible to those with disabilities or special educational needs please see the Laurus Trust Equality Policy and the SEND information report which can be found under the SEND section of our website.

We operate a two-week, 56-lesson timetable cycle. All lessons are 55 minutes long. Please click here to see the structure of the school day.


Curriculum Overview

Year 7
Upon entry into Year 7, students are placed into one of ten Tutor Groups which are divided into 2 bands, x- and y.
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are taught in mixed ability groups to begin with, though this will be reviewed during the year. English and Maths, together with all other subjects Art, Computing, Design Technology, Drama, Geography, History, Music, Personal Development – including RS, and Science, are taught in mixed ability classes, while PE is organised in gender-specific, mixed-ability groups.
View the Year 7 Knowledge and Skills Guide for more information.
Year 8
We have a similar arrangement to Year 7 with mixed-ability groups. However, English has a degree of setting with a top set, three mixed-ability classes and a ‘supported’ group in each year-half.
View the Year 8 Knowledge and Skills Guide for more information.


Year 9
In Year 9, the emphasis remains on mainly mixed ability classes, however, English has hierarchical setting, P.R.I.E.S in each year-half. Science has a degree of setting with three mixed ability classes, one lower mixed and a ‘supported’ group. Maths, Art, Computing, Performing Arts, PE, History, Geography, Design Technology, Personal Development – including RS, are taught in mixed ability groups.
View the Year 9 Knowledge and Skills Guide for more information.
Curriculum structure
Key Stage 3 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 7 8 8
Maths 8 8 8
Science 6 6 6

RS/Personal Development/Citizenship

2 2 2
PE 4 4 5
Geography 4 4 4
History 4 4 4
Languages 10 7 6
Art 2 3 3
Technology 3 4 4
Performing Arts 4 4 4
Computing/Business 2 2 2
Total 56 56 56



All subjects follow the relevant national curriculum programme of study. For more information please click here.