160 brave Year 7 students from Priestnall School traded textbooks for paddles in January as they set off on their first ever residential trip to the beautiful island of Anglesey.


Based at the Conway Centre, they had two days jam-packed with outdoor challenges and unforgettable experiences.

During their stay, the year group tackled a rotation of thrilling activities, both on land and water.

With the stunning Menai Strait right on the doorstep, water adventures were a must!

Groups of students from Priestnall School sail on Menai Strait on rafts they have built during a trip at the Conway Centre in Anglesey.

Some students became master raft builders, crafting their own rafts and navigating an obstacle course at the harbour.

Others paddled canoes across the Strait, stopping at various points to investigate parts of the local ecosystem.

Students from Priestnall School navigate a canoe on Menai Strait during their visit to the Conway Centre in Anglesey.

Back on land, students split into groups to compete in a series of problem-solving challenges.

Groups scored points based on how well they solved the tasks, but also just as importantly, how they worked together as a team.

Students from Priestnall School stand in a circle on a field each holding a rope, working together to get an object to a centre point with their ropes.

Students rose to the challenge and had a great time racing to complete tasks and earn points.

For their next activity, students were encouraged to try something they had never done before.

Some students scaled new heights on the high ropes course, others tackled the indoor climbing wall, and some tested their balance on the low ropes course.

Students from Priestnall School take on a low ropes course at the Conway Centre in Anglesey.

The most popular activity was the bush survival challenge. Students built their own shelters, learned how to use flint and steel to make a fire, and enjoyed the reward of perfectly toasted marshmallows.

In the evenings, students were kept busy with bingo, an orienteering course, and even dragon racing – a truly Welsh experience!

As the trip came to an end, students returned home feeling exhausted yet energised from their stay.

This was a great opportunity for students to develop important qualities, attitudes and habits for success, such as courage and perseverance.

Thank you to all staff, parents and carers who supported the trip, and to our students for their fantastic behaviour.